ATS Injury Prevention Course

The ATS Injury Prevention Coordinator’s Course (IPCC) is geared towards establishing and developing a formal hospital based, multi-faceted injury prevention program.
This 2-day course was developed by seasoned injury prevention professionals across the country and is designed to cover 14 chapters on injury and data analysis, education, program development, advocacy, promotion, and more!
Key course objectives include:
1.Identifying where injury prevention fits into the trauma system.
2.Connecting mechanisms of injury with safety interventions and analyzing their potential impact.
3.Understanding social, financial and psychological impact of traumatic injuries and exploring how peer support groups can impact recovery.
4.Analyzing how injury prevention initiatives / public and population health initiatives impact communities.
5.Understanding types of injury prevention data and their strengths and weaknesses
6.Reviewing the basic terminology of epidemiology and how it relates to injury prevention.
7.Understanding different applications of standard epidemiologic techniques to quantify risk in injury prevention.
8.Designing tools necessary for interventions.
9.Identifying community stakeholders, and key partnerships to develop unique ways to promote and facilitate community-based programs.
10.Reviewing successful advocacy techniques in injury prevention.
11.Engaging media and interfacing with your hospital’s public relations department.
12.Exploring funding opportunities to build and sustain injury prevention programs. Discuss funding opportunities for exploration in support of injury prevention programs.
13.Analyzing research and study design and its role in injury prevention programs
14.Developing strategic plans and the need for business planning to grow an injury prevention program.